Charlotte Gray por Sebastian Faulks

March 25, 2019

Charlotte Gray por Sebastian Faulks

Titulo del libro: Charlotte Gray

Autor: Sebastian Faulks

ISBN: 0099394316

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Sebastian Faulks con Charlotte Gray

1st Vintage paperback vg++ In stock shipped from our UK warehouse

Amazon Review
Sebastian Faulks established his authority as a storyteller with his best-selling Birdsong. His next book, Charlotte Gray, a haunting story of love and war set in London and occupied France in 1942-3, is loosely a sequel. Charlotte is a highly educated young Scottish woman who falls passionately in love with an airman, Peter Gregory, emotionally scarred by his many close brushes with death. When he disappears on a mission to France, she follows him as a British secret courier, sent over to help support the Resistance. Having failed to find Gregory, she decides to stay on to do what she can for the France she has loved since childhood. She and the reader are drawn ever deeper into the lives of assimilated French Jews-- the children Andre and Jacob whose parents have already been sent to the death camps, and the Levades, father and son. Though ultimately powerless to help, Charlotte nevertheless learns a far deeper understanding of herself and her own family through them.

This is a book full of insight into the way civilisation can slip into barbarism. Its haunting themes of memory and passion stay with you long after you have finished reading. --Lisa Jardine

"A brilliant, harrowing, powerful novel" (Daily Mail)

"Excruciatingly powerful" (Antony Beevor Daily Telegraph)

"There is no shortage of dramatic tension, excitement or persuasive detail... Faulks is a prodigiously talented writer" (New York Times)

"It would take a mile-long essay to do justice to the many virtues of Sebastian Faulks's wonderful novel. This riveting account of a young woman's odyssey...deserves the highest praise... Masterful narrative and zestful pen-portraits. A beautiful near-masterpiece" (John Murray Independent on Sunday)

"With Charlotte Gray, Sebastian Faulks completes a trilogy of novels set in France... It is an impressive body of work... The most impressive novelist of his generation" (Sunday Telegraph)

From the Publisher
'A worthy successor to Birdsong' Alain de Botton