Horse-drawn Vehicles (Discovering) par D.J. Smith

Horse-drawn Vehicles (Discovering) par D.J. Smith

Titre de livre: Horse-drawn Vehicles (Discovering)

Auteur: D.J. Smith

Broché: 176 pages

Date de sortie: May 1, 2004

ISBN: 0747802084

Éditeur: Shire Publications

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D.J. Smith avec Horse-drawn Vehicles (Discovering)

Outlines the development of horse-drawn vehicles from their inception to the present day. It is an evocation of state and civic dignity, recalling the efforts of magnificent Shire horses and humble but hard-working cobs or 'vanners'. Although mechanical transport has replaced stage-coach, hansom cab and family brougham, there has been a revival of interest in leisure and competitive driving, as a result of which old vehicles have been restored and new types introduced. This book will assist the identification of different vehicles and describes their purpose, history, working parts and the materials used.