The Mikado Method par Ola Ellnestam

The Mikado Method par Ola Ellnestam

Titre de livre: The Mikado Method

Auteur: Ola Ellnestam

Broché: 239 pages

Date de sortie: March 13, 2014

ISBN: 1617291218

Éditeur: Manning Publications

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Ola Ellnestam avec The Mikado Method

DESCRIPTION Technical debt is best understood as the work remaining before a job can be considered complete. It is one of the worst bottlenecks when it comes to creating value with software and the ability to deal with it is often the difference between a great business and closing the shop. The Mikado Method is a process which systematically eliminates technical debt. It gets its name from a simple game known as "pick-up sticks." Starting with a jumbled pile of sticks, the goal is to remove the Mikado, or Emperor, stick without disturbing the others. Players carefully remove sticks one at a time, leaving the rest of the heap intact, slowly exposing the Mikado. The game is a great metaphor for eliminating technical debt-carefully extracting each intertwined dependency until successfully resolving the central issue. The Mikado Method describes a pragmatic and straightforward method to plan and perform non-trivial technical improvements on an existing software system. Step by step, readers will identify the scope and nature of technical debt, map the key dependencies, and determine the safest way to approach the "Mikado"-the goal. A natural byproduct of this process is the Mikado Graph, a minimalistic, relevant, just-in-time roadmap and information radiator that reflects deep understanding of how the system works. RETAIL SELLING POINTS Written by the creators of the Mikado Method Step-by-step guide with hands on examples Points out sources of technical debts AUDIENCE This book is for software developers with a basic understanding of Java or familiarity with a C-like language. No previous experience with the Mikado Method is necessary. ABOUT THE TECHNOLOGY The Mikado Method offers a way to improve software systems without breaking them or going through long periods of having a half functioning system.

Ola Ellnestam is a coach and mentor for both business and technical teams. He loves to combine technology, people and business. He has developed complex computer systems within health care, defense, and on-line banking. He knows that software must be easy to use, extend, and deploy in order to be worth developing. More than anything else, he likes to share his discoveries and knowledge with others because he believes that this is how new knowledge and insight is created.

Daniel Brolund is a software developer that always sees things to improve—to the joy and grief of his fellow workers. He has successfully worked with global web sites deployed on hundreds of servers, desktop applications for just a few users, and on-line gaming applications, just to mention a few.