Days Missing Volume 3: Enox por Phil Hester

February 20, 2019

Days Missing Volume 3: Enox por Phil Hester

Titulo del libro: Days Missing Volume 3: Enox

Autor: Phil Hester

Número de páginas: 136 páginas

Fecha de lanzamiento: November 22, 2016

ISBN: 1945205032

Editor: American Mythology Productions

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Phil Hester con Days Missing Volume 3: Enox

Days Missing: Enox concludes this saga of The Steward, an ancient being whose ability to "fold" time has resulted in critical human events being extracted from our memories and absent from any historical record. Their existence is not remembered, but the events of these days have forever changed the course of human evolution. In this epic finale, the haunting voice of Enox materializes, giving form to The Steward's nemesis and unquestionable purpose to his existence. The unprecedented battle that ensues will bring humanity to the brink of extinction and readers to the edge of their seats.